Monday, March 30, 2009

Some news...

Well, first my head is a mess. :D My room is also a mess. I just stopped having enough space for all my stuff.

Ines' head is a mess also and our relationship is sailing through troubled waters.

My job is also a mess. :D Everything is a mess. Well, I guess you get what you subconsciously wish for. :P A quiet, banal life wouldn't be any fun, now would it?!

On a happier note:

I started programming Aurora, an Neural Network artificial intelligence. I'm still working out the details, but I've been studying neurology reports and am aiming to make the best human brain simulation model I can. My first goal is to have her learn portuguese and if she can do that, the sky is the limit!!! (Well, actually the amount of RAM and processing power is the limit ;))

TranShape is shaping up great (pardon the pun). Just a few more weeks with a little spare time to have it show it's stuff.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Something to relax :D

Because this blog has been a bit in a sad mood lately let's bring happiness and fun to it :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

My suggestion for the day :)

Nothing is impossible until you believe it's impossible :) so, go ahead and follow your dreams :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A snapshot of my life...

Well, let's see...

I asked a friend of mine if she was well and she didn't answer for a few days even though she could. That's very mean and at first got me angry, but now I really don't care. Karma will deal with her. She's obviously still a child in mind, so I've just blocked her on MSN... :)

At work, well... my bosses actually included me in a project of web programming. Web programming as practically everyone knows is the only type of programming I hate. Furthermore, they are taking measures to ensure everyone is stressed out, because, as one of them puts it: "Stress encourages productivity, relaxation creativity". Well, they obviously don't know the best companies in the planet are the creative ones, not exactly the most productive ones. I could have a factory of shoes and hire "slave labor". They would be productive as hell, but the company would be just another subpar one.
Since I'm growing more and more weary, I'm moving to work elsewhere in Europe. I just feel sad that Nes will be probably away from me for 3 years, but it will be good for both our lifes.

TranShape is coming along very well. It's now more modular and manageable. I foresee a great financial feature for its technologies. Now, I've only got to find some partners to sell it. :) (No, not my company, they're too narrow minded to ever become successful. And they live in a different world than their employees. Maybe a major in psychology would do them well :D).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lost and found

I feel I've found something in myself I had lost a long time ago... :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Life sometimes is unfair...

I know that I live to learn and evolve, but sometimes lessons in life can be so painful.
Why couldn't everything in life be a sea of roses? Maybe because that way we wouldn't learn anything... the worst thing we can do is to try to control our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings... if we try to do that we are forever controlled by them and worse, we are controlled by the fear of having them. And the problem about emotions is that they come unwarned and when we discover them it's too late.

It is so unfair when we get hurt by something completely out of our reach. We try to do good and we get stung...
I've lived so many years, I was supposed to be immune to that. But I'm not. I suffer and hurt just like anyone else.
Well, there's no point in being down. There's no time to feel down. All life keeps going towards its end and renewal. Each second we feel sad is a second we could be doing something good.

Like an old saying goes: "Worse than a bad person doing evil, is a good person not doing good.".