Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Many news...

Well, where to start?

I got tired of waiting for the GP2x Wiz release and bought a GP2x F200 instead. It's an amazing console. I'm addicted to Sega Megadrive emulation. I can now play Dune, Sensible Soccer, Golden Axe, etc... I'm just sad in that I was porting UFO: Enemy Unknown to it and someone got ahead of me... oh, well. Let's port X-COM: Terror From The Deep instead. :D

I bought a crossbow pistol for christmas, so that I get a rest from computers and can do a little target practice. :)

I also bought a media player. A SmartQ T5-II. It has an amazing autonomy and I can play emulated games with it when I have spare time. It beats smoking any day. :)

On a last note. OpenCL 1.0 has been ratified and I'm looking forward to use it. I think it will revolutionize some applications. It is just a shame that integer calculations are not supported. :P