Monday, November 17, 2008

Turbo Amiga...

I finally have a Blizzard 1230 Mk-IV accelerator with 16MB fast RAM for my Amiga 1200. It's fast as hell. Just a few tweaks and installations and it will be a dream gaming machine. :) Ohhhh, the memories... :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wiz delayed... Fallout 3 finished...

Well, the GP2x Wiz console has been delayed again. This time, the ETA is February 2009. They better fix the TV-Out on the thing (and perhaps add Wifi) or I'll just go with the Pandora console instead.

I've finished the main storyline in Fallout 3. The ending sequence is very disappointing, as they don't tell us how our decisions influenced the lives of those who we've come across. It's just an empty ending...
Well, I think I'll go back to Fallout 2. At least I can play it on the EEE. :D And it has Gauss Rifles, cocktails Molotov... and better quests than just killing everyone everytime or speaking our way through the quests (Bethesda has a lot to improve still) and following a marker on the compass to end everything.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm 27!!!!!! :P

Well, I turned 27 today, which some say is a good thing, others say it's a bad thing. I'm trying just not to become sad and nostalgic. :P

So many news... where to start?

Well, I finally bought a netbook. It's the Asus EEE 1000h and I love it and called 'her' Idunn, the nordic goddess of eternal youth. It's good to have a small computer to work and play old and emulated games. :)
The Asus N10 could run recent games, but 200€ more for a GeForce 9300 Mobile and a fingerprint reader?!?! Asus must be crazy!

My Amiga 1200, now has wireless network, Kickstart 3.1 ROMs, card reader, an 68030@50MHz CPU, an FPU and 128MB of fast RAM. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ohh, and it has a Compact Flash 4GB hard drive for my games collection. :) Can you spell Turrican? ;)

I'll also have a beatiful silver and gold flute by next week, so I may learn how to play. Gorgeous!!!

By last, I'm playing Fallout 3 many years after I've played the first two! :) Violent as hell! :D I like it a lot, especially with VATS (Auto Targetting) and always having few ammo, but where the heck is a Gauss Rifle (and Monty Python jokes by the way)?!?!? I chose Small Guns for the gausses. :S It's just a shame that it doesn't have the same generous amounts of black humor as the first two. :(

Yesterday, I received a collection of Taito arcade games for the PC and lost myself with them all night... those days had the best games. :(

Well, that's it for today :)