Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drop me a comment...

...if you can read this! ;)

Just to see if anyone actually reads my crap :D

Friday, May 22, 2009

King of Fools

Dedicated to some people I know... ;)

"You feel at ease as you flock with the masses,
What do you see with your heads in their asses?
Keep on railing at what I believe ,
Call me insane and I am proud to be.

And I walk the wicked way!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Phoenix Scorpio...

It's me!!! :D

Well, the news:

I broke up with my girlfriend, a 3 year relationship, which was at the time very painful, but now I know it was the best for us both. My life has turned 180º and has become in some places chaotic but that is so much fun, not knowing what's next and being able to change every time and cope with it in peace and tranquility... :)

Speaking of fun. I'm having lots of it!!! I hadn't had so much fun in ages. :D I'm finally fully recovered from my illness and since I could overcome that, I feel like I can overcome pretty much anything life throws at me. :) And life is so much fun and invigorating when we are at peace with ourselves and others... and choose to actually pay more attention to the path than to the goals. :)

I'm more energetic, calm and full of life than ever before and look forward to the future... alone for the time being, which feels actually pretty good, and hopefully with my unknown soulmate in due time... ;)